What we do

Value-Added services

Turning a technology investment into a successful business is a collaborative effort. We have a long and solid history of supporting our customers unique needs.

Software integration

Sometimes we assemble and integrate pieces of software because it gets our customers to market faster and more affordably. These solutions come with longevity in mind as they are built to allow independent customization and updating down the road.

Software development

We understand the core printing technologies and develop platform agnostic custom print solutions and drivers. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Understand how potential changes could positively impact your business. Get visibility with real-time document and application analytics that help you control usage and lower costs.

Our partners

Universal Print

Cloud-based print solution enables simple, rich, and secure printing experiences, while reducing time and effort for IT.

Developer Tools

Extend the capabilities of HP printers and scanners. Custom business workflows and printing apps with HP OXPd and Workpath SDKs.

Intelligent Automation

Discover a smarter way to process any document. Modernize processing documents and electronic data.

Cloud print management

Print management software that’s helping hundreds of millions of people around the globe to minimize waste while having a secure and easy printing experience.

Machine Learning

Broadest and deepest set of AI services and supporting cloud infrastructure, putting machine learning in the hands of every data scientist and expert practitioner.

Innovative payments technology

Global commerce tools to accept online payments. It's the simplest way to get paid across any device, and through almost any payment method.